Safety. Environmental. Quality.

Our Safety Policy

  • Gulfstar Industries is committed to safety in all phases of our operations and believe that business performance and excellence in safety go hand in hand. Our goal is to maintain zero injuries through continuous monitoring, identification, and improvement of unsafe behaviors and conditions. Our safety program strives to provide protection for our employees, the environment and our customers’ cargo and equipment.
  • We believe that all accidents and incidents are preventable by establishing safe working procedures, exercising good judgment, and using common sense. Every employee has the opportunity and responsibility to protect themselves and to contribute to the protection of their co-workers. Gulfstar employees are expected to give his/her full support in our effort to promote safety.
  • We expect to maintain efficiency in our daily operations by doing every job safely and correctly the first time. Accidents and injuries that occur as a result of carelessness or attempting to save a few minutes are unacceptable. Everyone is expected to recognize the need to practice “safety first” when engaged in any task.
  • Safety policies and procedures are always subject to amendment if an employee has a better suggestion. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the development and/or revisions to procedures, by making recommendations to Management.  We welcome your ideas and suggest that you submit them in writing to your immediate supervisor, or Operations Manager.

Our Environmental Policy

Gulfstar Industries recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of our customers in a safe environmental manner, with putting the utmost importance in protecting the safety and health or our employees and the public. Gulfstar Industries and its employees are committed to continuously improve our level of operations to achieve “ZERO” spills or other Environmental incidents. Furthermore, to Gulfstar’s commitment we pledge the following:

  • Recognize and be reactive to public concerns about pollution and the effects on the environment.
  • Ensure that safety, health, and protection of the environment are reflected in our business planning.
  • Comply with all laws and regulations concerning pollution.

Work with our customers and government agencies to help create laws and standards to safeguard our employees, our community and the environment

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to providing our customers with a level of service which meets or exceeds their expectations. We will accomplish this through world-class leadership, customer feedback, continual process improvement, employee development, recognition, and social responsibility. The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility and commitment of all Gulfstar Industries employees.

We are committed to:

  • Identify and organize around what our customers value most.
  • Monitor and review our service provision and processes, identifying potential errors and implementing necessary actions to eliminate them.
  • Provide extensive training, promoting a “do it right the first time” attitude towards quality.
  • Conduct appropriate audits, reviews, and evaluations of our operations to measure progress and drive continual improvement.
  • Continuous appraisal of our business to ensure that the quality of service we provide consistently meets our customer’s expectations.